De­pict an im­pos­ing sea god

Fol­low Dave Ken­dall as he paints Po­sei­don ris­ing from the depths to aid Ja­son and the Arg­onauts in their heroic quest

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Dave Ken­dall il­lus­trates a dy­namic Po­sei­don.

When the re­quest to paint Po­sei­don landed in my in­box, the first im­age to come to mind was of the scene in the 1963 film Ja­son and the Arg­onauts, when Po­sei­don rises from the sea to hold the Sym­ple­gades, other­wise known as the Clash­ing Rocks, apart. Al­though I ini­tially moved away from this con­cept, I quickly re­turned once it was clear that Imag­ineFX wanted a dy­namic and ac­tion­packed im­age.

I want to ex­plore as­pects of paint­ing waves and seascapes, draw­ing on the amaz­ing paint­ings of the Rus­sian pain­ter Ivan Ai­va­zovsky as in­spi­ra­tion. He pro­duced some of the best seascapes or raw power ever com­mit­ted to can­vas, and is my first stop if I want to paint waves. Ev­ery time I see his work, I won­der at the fact they were painted be­fore pho­to­graphs and film even ex­isted.

I ap­proach this im­age in a tra­di­tional sense, in as much as it’s a ren­der­ing of a care­fully planned draw­ing. As I paint this im­age I try to keep in mind the dy­namic na­ture of the scene and its en­vi­ron­ment. There’s a clash of three pow­er­ful el­e­ments: wa­ter, rock and a Greek god. Each are deadly, yet have very dif­fer­ent na­tures. I want to show the in­signif­i­cance of the ship and that it’s at their com­plete mercy.

I choose to up­date Po­sei­don and re­move some of the el­e­ments that give him his usual hu­man ap­pear­ance, but I want to en­sure that he shares the grandeur and clas­si­cal lines of an­cient Greek stat­ues. This is why he has a pow­er­ful stance and a heroic fa­cial struc­ture. My fig­ure needs to look like a pow­er­ful mytho­log­i­cal fig­ure, in full con­trol of his dy­namic and dan­ger­ous sea realm.

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