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Cas­san­dre has had a busy year. Not only has she re­turned to the US from the UAE, where she spent seven years, but she has also been placed as a fi­nal­ist in the re­cent L Ron Hub­bard Il­lus­tra­tors of the Fu­ture con­test. Now she’s set to launch her own Kick­starter cam­paign ex­plor­ing gen­der roles in mythol­ogy.

“I be­lieve that art should em­power the heck out of women,” says the Penn­syl­va­nia-based il­lus­tra­tor, “and I love paint­ing amaz­ing, strong fe­male char­ac­ters, so bring ’em on.”

Cas­san­dre’s pas­sions away from art are fem­i­nism, mis­matched socks, hot jas­mine tea – and pulling faces. “Email me your sil­li­est silly face,” she says, “and I’ll email you one back.”

1 God­dess Hades “This is a piece from my new art cam­paign Re­verse Mythol­ogy. Hades is reimag­ined as the reign­ing Queen of the Un­der­world, haughty and cold as she watches Cer­berus bat a dusty skull around the throne room.”

2 Azrael’s Cig Break “The An­gel of Death has to take a break now and then, and rest his weary wings made of a thou­sand eyes and a thou­sand tongues. I ac­tu­ally painted this in col­lege us­ing my hus­band as the dash­ing model, and then re­painted it in Pho­to­shop years later.”

3 Godd ess Zeus “Zeus reimag­ined as the fe­male supreme de­ity of Mount Olym­pus, brew­ing up a thun­der­storm with her ea­gles wheel­ing over­head. This is part of my up­com­ing Kick­starter cam­paign Re­verse Mythol­ogy.”

4 Be­neath the Sur­face of Tw o

Kills “This piece is my fi­nal­ist en­try in the 2013 L Ron Hub­bard Il­lus­tra­tors of the Fu­ture Con­test. It il­lus­trates a short story, par­al­lel nar­ra­tives of a kid­napped girl and a hunted fan­tasy crea­ture. Along with a bonus il­lus­tra­tion of mine, it’s fea­tured in the pub­li­ca­tion Writ­ers of the Fu­ture Vol­ume 30 along­side all the other amaz­ingly tal­ented fi­nal­ists.”

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