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Your best video yet

I’m a con­cept artist at Il­lFonic in Denver, US, and I love your mag­a­zine. I’ve just fin­ished watch­ing Mark Zug’s oil paint­ing work­shop from is­sue 108 and it was prob­a­bly the finest oil paint­ing video tu­to­rial I’ve ever seen. Mark’s ex­pla­na­tion for his ac­tions and great nar­ra­tion made it a com­plete joy to watch. Now, I’m a dig­i­tal pain­ter 90 per cent of the time, but I started with oil paint and still do it on oc­ca­sion when time per­mits. But there was so much to take away from that work­shop that could be ap­plied to any medium. It’s also made me re­ally ex­cited to start a new oil paint­ing. Thank you so much for tak­ing Imag­ineFX into the tra­di­tional realm. Even dig­i­tal artists like my­self ap­pre­ci­ate it. Matt Hubel, via email Claire replies Matt, thanks so much for get­ting in touch. I for­warded on your kind words to Mark Zug, who was very happy that you liked his video work­shop. We’re lov­ing the tra­di­tional art sec­tion too.

Monster re­quest

My name is Magnus and I’m the owner of the Ice­landic Sea Monster Mu­seum ( www.skrim­sli.is), in the small vil­lage of Bil­du­dalur in the west fjords of Ice­land. We’ve been look­ing for some fine sea monster art to dec­o­rate our restau­rant. I’m a great fan of your mag­a­zine and in is­sue 107 there’s a beau­ti­ful draw­ing on page 47. Do you think the artist would be will­ing to give us a per­mit to use his art in our mu­seum, and what do you think that will cost? The file res­o­lu­tion needs to be rather good as the printed size will be about 2.50x4m.

Magnus Oskars­son, via email

Claire replies Magnus, I’ve taken a look at your mu­seum (only on­line, sadly) and it looks won­der­ful. If I’m ever in Ice­land (it’s on my list of places to visit) I will def­i­nitely add it to my itin­er­ary. The im­age you men­tion is by Wayne Reynolds. Only he can say whether he’s happy for you to use his im­age, so I’ve for­warded on your re­quest.

Slam dunk!

Slam dunk! You guys have done it again! Great, in­for­ma­tive and help­ful ar­ti­cles by some re­ally great artists. I es­pe­cially en­joyed Gen­zoman’s ar­ti­cle in is­sue 107, I’ve fol­lowed him on de­viantART for years. I en­joyed look­ing at his en­er­getic style and com­po­si­tion, and the great in­sight he gave into his thought process. This mag­a­zine should be a part of ev­ery artist’s pe­ri­od­i­cal collection, hands down! Dave Cur­bis, via email Claire replies Well, you can’t get much bet­ter than a slam dunk, can you? Un­less it in­volves gin. We love Gen­zoman too, Dave.

Be­gin­ner tools

Your mag­a­zine is ex­cel­lent. It’s in­spired me to get back to tra­di­tional art­work as well as try a new line in dig­i­tal paint­ing. What I would love, though, is for you to do a spe­cial is­sue de­voted to budget art ap­pli­ca­tions. Be­cause I’m just start­ing to get to grips with the ba­sics, I find it hard to jus­tify the heavy price tags of some soft­ware, and I’m cur­rently us­ing GIMP (free) and Pain­tTool SAI (£30) for my art. If you could do an is­sue de­voted to these pro­grams, and any oth­ers you could sug­gest for new­bies, it would help us all no end. Kelvin Moore, via email Claire replies Thanks for your sug­ges­tions, Kelvin, I’ll see what I can do. Have you seen our be­gin­ner’s guide se­ries to Google’s SketchUp? It’s on page 77 and a bril­liant in­tro­duc­tion to this free tool.

Matt thought Mark Zug’s oil paint­ing video in is­sue 108 was the best he’s seen – and got him ex­cited about us­ing his oils again.

Sea monster afi­cionado Magnus would like to dis­play this dy­namic im­age by Wayne Reynolds in his mu­seum.

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