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I’m a self-taught dig­i­tal artist from Kenya who works in ad­ver­tis­ing. Your mag­a­zine is the life­line to my art and I’ve been read­ing it for years. I buy it from a ven­dor lo­cally here, to try and sup­port him, which is why I don’t sub­scribe.

I’m writ­ing to you for two rea­sons. Firstly, it’s been my dream to be fea­tured in your mag­a­zine as Africa hardly fea­tures and I’ve sub­mit­ted my work twice be­fore with no re­sponse. Are Kenyan dig­i­tal artists not meant to be in your mag­a­zine? Imag­ineFX is my in­spi­ra­tion and will al­ways be. Thank you for in­spir­ing Africa.

Sec­ondly, I’m writ­ing in re­sponse to a let­ter in your Game of Thrones is­sue (108), called Theme Talk by Deirdre Adams. Kenya and the African con­ti­nent have so many amaz­ing myths that are both scary and fan­tas­tic and they’re all wait­ing to be­come art. So myths from around the world, as you coined it, sounds amaz­ing and I would love to be a part of it.

I pro­duce a lot of con­cept art and my style varies. I love sketch­ing. My pin-up art is based on DAZ 3D base ren­ders that I then paint, be­cause I’m not strong on hu­man anatomy draw­ing just yet. I also re­ally love en­vi­ron­ment art, and loved the Imag­ineFX ar­ti­cle on be­ing an artrepreneur (is­sue 108). Here is my gallery: Please let me know what you think. Feysal Anthony Nair, via email Claire replies Thanks for get­ting in touch Feysal. We don’t choose art on the ba­sis of re­gion, we just choose the best art that we re­ceive. I imag­ine that your art hasn’t been cho­sen for Imag­ineFX in the past be­cause we don’t re­ally fea­ture DAZ 3D ren­ders. But that’s not to say your art isn’t good! You clearly work hard at your art stud­ies, and I wish you all the very best for the fu­ture.

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