How I cre­ate… A com­pell ing char­ac­ter

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The com­po­si­tion

I ap­ply the Rule of Thirds and place my char­ac­ter in­side a rough cir­cle. I feel she should be pro­tected by this cir­cle, and it will lead the viewer’s eye to­wards her. I put my char­ac­ter on top of the crea­ture and use a tree branch and the crea­ture’s wing to cre­ate the cir­cle. Two small drag­ons en­hance the cir­cu­lar struc­ture.


Ini­tial de­tails

Be­fore I start colour­ing, I paint the face. I study the pro­por­tions of a fe­male Asian; the dis­tance be­tween the eyes is the same as the dis­tance be­tween the cen­tre of the eyes and the nose. I call it the T-line. It’s my guide­line for how long the face should be. A cat’s face has sim­i­lar pro­por­tions.


Adding colour

I start with the base colour and fo­cus on the eyes, nose and mouth. I also form more of the ba­sic shapes of her hair and around her face. I use the de­fault Soft-edge brush to paint the face, but for de­tails such as the eye­brows I use a Hard-edge brush. I also add tex­ture and colour to make the face look in­ter­est­ing.

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