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Avail­able as a stand­alone app (and a plug-in for im­age ed­i­tors such as Pho­to­shop and Pain­ter), OilPaint gives you greater flex­i­bil­ity than tra­di­tional fil­ters, thanks to slid­ers that en­able you to al­ter pa­ram­e­ters such as brush thick­ness and paint den­sity. You can repli­cate a va­ri­ety of artis­tic styles and turn your pho­tos into works of art.

Rather than pre­viewed live, your im­age is ren­dered each time, with brush strokes ap­pear­ing be­fore you on screen. This is a lit­tle frus­trat­ing be­cause you can’t eas­ily see the vari­a­tions you’re chang­ing, ex­cept via a pre­view win­dow, but it means the re­sults are much more real­is­tic than tra­di­tional fil­ters.

You can fur­ther im­prove your paint­ings by as­sign­ing brush di­rec­tions be­fore you ren­der and post-process them, us­ing Blur and Smudge tools or a His­tory brush to paint de­tail back in. You can also batch process mul­ti­ple im­ages us­ing ex­ist­ing or saved pre­sets for con­vert­ing mul­ti­ple im­ages.

The Busi­ness edi­tion re­viewed here (which in­cludes all the tools) costs £71, but it’s more ver­sa­tile than your aver­age im­age edi­tor plug-in.

You can edit brush strokes, add tex­tures or text to your im­age, via the pan­els on the right.

Use the Brush Stroke tool to di­rect brush strokes along the cor­rect con­tours of the im­age.

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