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Stephanie Bui, Swe­den

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Sil­ver ob­jects, shrub­beries, pen­cil tex­tures, wa­ter­falls, tree bark, stronger value struc­tures, en­vi­ron­ments and more.

An­swer Sara replies

Start by gath­er­ing some ref­er­ences, so that you can ob­serve real-life ex­am­ples of sil­ver ob­jects. The metal re­flects light, and the in­ten­sity of this re­flec­tion de­pends on whether its sur­face is pol­ished or un­pol­ished.

In an­cient times, sil­ver was used to make mir­rors and this gives us more clues on how to paint it. Here I’ve cho­sen to rep­re­sent the pol­ished sil­ver as an or­na­men­tal piece. It’s a soft metal and so un­suit­able for the man­u­fac­ture of weapons and shields

I’ll need to use brushes that fea­ture no spe­cial tex­ture or ef­fects, be­cause I want the sil­ver to ap­pear smooth, and I’ll use strong con­trasts of light and shad­ows to sug­gest that it’s shiny.

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