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I love your mag­a­zine. How­ever, in the June 2014 Bat­man is­sue I no­ticed some in­cor­rect art cred­its. Page 44’s Haunt­ing was pen­cilled and inked by Neal Adams (not Novick and Gior­dano). For page 46’s Watch­ing the De­tec­tive (from left to right), the first cover is ac­tu­ally pen­cils and inks by Jim Aparo. The mid­dle cover should be pen­cils by Mar­shall Rogers, inks by Terry Austin. The third is cor­rect (Norm Brey­fogle). In the main story, un­der Money Talks (also p46); in is­sue #183 of Bat­man, both sto­ries were pen­cilled by Shel­ley Mold­off (not Carmine In­fantino), inks by Joe Giella (as printed).

Sorry to point these out, but I just couldn’t let this go with­out some com­ment. Any­way, keep up the good work with Imag­ineFX. Paul Wing, Mel­bourne, Aus­tralia Claire replies Thanks for get­ting in touch Paul. Firstly Haunt­ing. We have the comic here and the art credit is Irv Novick and Dick Gior­dano – there’s no credit for Neal Adams. Did DC get it wrong, per­haps? You are right about p46 though – our mis­take. In the third in­stance, we cred­ited the cover artist and inker rather than the in­ter­nal artist, who was in­deed Mold­off. We fo­cused on cover artists as they’re the im­ages people tend to re­mem­ber.

We try very hard to cor­rectly credit artists, but we are only hu­man and do get things wrong. Apolo­gies.

Our Bat­man fea­ture in is­sue 109, con­tained a few mis­takes, but was still a cracking good read!

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