Do you have any ad­vice on how to paint shrub­bery and other small plants?

Ju­lian Swift Spankweight, Eng­land

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Don replies

The Im­age Hose in Corel Pain­ter X3 is the per­fect tool to paint real­is­tic fo­liage, be­cause it doesn’t limit me to a sin­gle shape brush. This Im­age Hose uses a noz­zle file with 20 dif­fer­ent ver­sions of a leaf. They bend and twist such that a nat­u­ral look is achieved when it’s used to paint fo­liage.

To cre­ate a leaf noz­zle file I start with one painted leaf on its own layer. A photo of a leaf could be used, but I like to paint mine. I du­pli­cate the leaf layer a num­ber of times. In this noz­zle there are 20 lay­ers. Each layer is trans­formed in some way. The lay­ers are then grouped to­gether. From the Noz­zle drop-down menu I se­lect Make Noz­zle from Group. A new file is cre­ated and in­di­vid­ual leaves placed on an in­vis­i­ble grid. I save the new file in­clud­ing the noz­zle in the Pain­ter .rif for­mat.

From the Noz­zle drop-down I choose Load Noz­zle and se­lect the file I’ve just saved. I then choose a brush from the Im­age Hose cat­e­gory and paint with the leaves.

To change the colour of the leaves I make the Additional colour ac­tive by click­ing it. I then se­lect a dark green colour and lower the Grain slider to 0 on the Property bar. I paint fo­liage from dark to light by rais­ing the value of the Additional colour. The re­sult, I find, is very real­is­tic-look­ing fo­liage.

This is my process for paint­ing fo­liage. It starts at the top left with a dark colour, and cul­mi­nates at the bot­tom right with a com­plete tree top. The first time you cre­ate a noz­zle file it might look strange. Don’t worry! Here’s the leaf noz­zle I use to paint the fo­liage.

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