Please help me to paint eye­lids and the skin around eyes cor­rectly

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Javier Change, Spain


Paco replies

In or­der to paint eye­lids prop­erly, you first need to fully un­der­stand the shape of a hu­man eye – but also the shape of the skull and like­wise the shape of the flesh over the skull.

The eye area has sev­eral vol­umes and shapes. These are cre­ated by the bone of the skull, the eye it­self, and by the sur­round­ing flesh and mus­cles – know­ing which is which can be very use­ful knowl­edge to the artist.

The eyelid it­self is just a piece of flesh. If the eye is closed, it sim­ply cov­ers the ocu­lar globe. If the eye is open how­ever, the eyelid is folded in­side the eye socket, over the ocu­lar globe, and this cre­ates a fold just above the eye and be­low the supraor­bital. Once you know this key bit of phys­i­o­log­i­cal de­tail it shouldn’t be too hard to paint eye­lids.

It’s im­por­tant though to also bear in mind that not ev­ery­one’s eyes are ex­actly the same shape. An­a­lyse a range of pic­tures that de­pict people of dif­fer­ent ages, gen­ders and races, look prop­erly at their eyes and try to imag­ine how you’d ap­proach paint­ing them.

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