How can I build up an in­ter­est­ing per­spec­tive of an en­vi­ron­ment con­cept us­ing a grid?

Fabia Zo­bel, Ger­many

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Me­lanie replies

Be­fore I start lay­ing down my per­spec­tive grids, I draw sketches to ex­plore the com­po­si­tion and pos­si­ble van­ish­ing points. I take into con­sid­er­a­tion the type of per­spec­tive I want to ap­ply. I de­cide on a three-point per­spec­tive to cre­ate more in­ter­est and drama – it makes build­ings look taller.

I build up guides for the eye level and the van­ish­ing point. Us­ing guides means you’ll never miss the ex­act van­ish­ing points with your Line tool when es­tab­lish­ing van­ish­ing lines. Make sure to check the Align to Guides op­tion and use a new layer for each van­ish­ing point, so you can ad­just them.

To pro­duce the sec­ond van­ish­ing point I use Pho­to­shop’s Van­ish­ing Point fil­ter. I cre­ate the grid for the plane where I’ve al­ready set the van­ish­ing point. Hold­ing Ctrl while click­ing the edge of that grid and mov­ing it cre­ates an or­thog­o­nal plane.

I use a Hard brush on 100 per cent Opac­ity to block in the sil­hou­ettes of the planes. Then I ren­der the piece.

I rec­om­mend you get to grips with SketchUp, to es­tab­lish your per­spec­tive and cast shad­ows more ef­fec­tively, once you’re able to build up your own per­spec­tives.

A three-point per­spec­tive can of­ten of­fer more drama and

there­fore in­ter­est.

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