De­pict eyes ac­cu­rately

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No­tice how the eyelid bends in­side the eye socket, caus­ing a hor­i­zon­tal fold­ing over the eye – that’s the key. The ocu­lar globe is ba­si­cally a sphere that’s half in­serted in­side the eye socket sur­rounded by two very prom­i­nent ar­eas: the supraor­bital and the cheek­bone.


Once you’ve grasped the phys­i­cal struc­ture, try to sim­plify the vol­umes of the eye to un­der­stand them bet­ter. The ocu­lar globe and the eye­lids can be de­picted as a sphere with a de­pres­sion in the mid­dle. Eyes are spheres, so there will be high­lights, shad­ows and so on.


Once you un­der­stand the ba­sic shape of the ocu­lar globe, the eyelid, the supra or­bital, the cheeks and nose, paint­ing the eye should be easy. It’s just a mat­ter of rep­re­sent­ing the vol­umes us­ing lights and shad­ows, ac­cord­ing to the light sources. Study­ing ref­er­ences will help.

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