Il­lus­trate a wa­ter­fall

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I be­gin with a very rough sketch of the wa­ter­fall and the sur­round­ing en­vi­ron­ment. I’m keep­ing it rough, be­cause I want to main­tain the spon­tane­ity when I move on to the proper paint­ing stage. I al­ways find happy ac­ci­dents when I paint an en­vi­ron­ment like this. I keep this sketch over the top as a Mul­ti­ply layer, just to act as a guide. I plan to delete it later.


I block in the very ba­sic streams of fall­ing wa­ter. Us­ing a tex­tured, medium-size brush, I choose a very light blue, al­most white, for the fall­ing wa­ter. My strokes are slightly var­ied but mostly uni­form. Pen pres­sure set to Opac­ity also helps with the vari­a­tion. I also add some very ba­sic in­di­ca­tions of the mist and dis­turbed wa­ter at the bot­tom of the wa­ter­fall.


I move on to smaller brushes and be­gin adding a bit of de­tail. I use the bright­est white at the crest of the wa­ter­fall be­cause this is where the wa­ter is still a solid body, but is be­gin­ning to be bro­ken up. I also add some wa­ter splash­ing up from the bot­tom with var­ied and ran­dom small strokes. I paint some re­flec­tions to the set­tled wa­ter at the very top and bot­tom.


I se­lect an even smaller brush for the droplets of wa­ter that are thrown around and I then break up some of the streams near the bot­tom of the wa­ter­fall with a few ran­domised, jit­tery strokes. While I’ve been paint­ing I’m bear­ing in mind how the wa­ter moves around the rocks that are at the base of the fall and so I paint some of this dark­ness show­ing through.

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