Por­trait skills in Pro­cre­ate

Tra­di­tional pain­ter Ge­orge Pratt puts down his brushes, picks up his iPad and ex­plains how he cre­ates art­work us­ing Pro­cre­ate

ImagineFX - - Studio Profile - Ge­orge Pratt Coun­try: US Ge­orge is an award­win­ning pain­ter, writer and pho­tog­ra­pher. He teaches full-time at Rin­gling Col­lege of Art and De­sign, and dur­ing the sum­mer spends time with the Il­lus­tra­tion Academy in Kansas City. http://ifxm.ag/g-pratt

Ge­orge Pratt puts down his brushes, picks up his iPad and paints with Pro­cre­ate.

ecently I pro­duced a work­shop on paint­ing my Fables cover for Ver­tigo Comics (see is­sue 109). On a whim, I sent Imag­ineFX some im­ages I’d done us­ing Pro­cre­ate on the iPad, think­ing it would be in­ter­est­ing for the read­ers to hear how an app in­trigued a tra­di­tional pain­ter enough to dive in dig­i­tally and have fun.

I’m no stranger to Pho­to­shop, but find that I have to jump through too many hoops to ac­com­plish sim­ple tasks. When paint­ing tra­di­tion­ally I grab a brush, mix paint and go. I longed for that kind of sim­plic­ity in a com­puter pro­gram. Rin­gling Col­lege of Art and De­sign,

Rwhere I teach full-time, has the largest in­stalled base of Cin­tiqs in the coun­try; how­ever, it still re­quires that I use Pho­to­shop, and the lag drives me nuts. Same hoops, dif­fer­ent day.

Along comes the iPad. Artist Ron Le­men had me try ArtRage, which he swears by (I’ve tried all the var­i­ous draw­ing/paint­ing apps on the iPad: Brushes and Sketch­Book Pro, to name but two). Ron achieves beau­ti­ful re­sults with ArtRage. Dur­ing the Il­lus­tra­tion Academy out comes his iPad and he paints the restau­rant, the bar… beau­ti­ful stuff. So I tried it. Again – too many choices and the in­ter­face gets in my way.

Along comes Pro­cre­ate! I im­me­di­ately found my­self lov­ing how the in­ter­face gets out of the way, en­abling me to en­joy the act of draw­ing and paint­ing.

In my classes I’ve used Pro­cre­ate for sim­ple tonal plans and colour stud­ies. I use it to do paint-overs on my stu­dents’ works. I’ve used it to il­lus­trate value or colour ideas us­ing the Color Picker on a paint­ing by Har­vey Dunn, to show the pal­ette used as well as the tonal and sat­u­ra­tion range. It’s an in­cred­i­bly help­ful app. So in this work­shop I’ll lay out the gen­eral steps I go through in paint­ing on the iPad us­ing Pro­cre­ate and how to cre­ate a brush in the app as well. Let’s go!

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