9 Think out­side the box

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Can ob­jects be made hor­rific? What about ma­chines or build­ings? Any­thing can be made to ap­pear scary. Don’t be­lieve me? Google the Paris Cat­a­combs, Beelitz-Heil­stät­ten Hospi­tal, or Pripyat. De­cay and de­face­ment help to make a place creepy, but with places such as Pripyat you’re aware some­thing ter­ri­ble must have hap­pened there even if you don’t know any­thing about the Ch­er­nobyl dis­as­ter. It’s all in how you choose to de­pict the sub­ject. Zdzisław Bek­siński’s cathe­drals are ter­ri­fy­ing. I wouldn’t touch the puzzle-box from Hell­raiser if you paid me a bil­lion dol­lars. It’s not just the story be­hind these two ex­am­ples that fright­ens. The in­tended fear was con­sciously used to sculpt the de­sign.

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