Al­bum art fea­tur­ing zom­bies

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1 Pre­pare for colour As with all my work, I be­gin with brush­ing wa­ter on to the sur­face. The gouache, al­though tra­di­tion­ally used for opac­ity, nev­er­the­less pro­vides a good, though ba­sic, wa­ter­colour ef­fect.

Set the fo­cal points


Re­fer­ring to the DVD screen grabs en­ables me to give form to my shapes, and I can now be­gin to make fur­ther de­ci­sions about the pal­ette and fo­cal points, us­ing con­trast and colour.

Bub­ble de­vice


No­tice how I use the bub­bles from the div­ing fig­ure to link the two sce­nar­ios. They float to­wards the sun and help cre­ate a strong vis­ual spine. Fi­nally, I add high­lights to boost the con­trast and di­men­sion.

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