Tone/value and colour

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Have a tonal plan/value struc­ture and stick to it. The eye will go to the spot of high­est con­trast. This is a good place for sat­u­ra­tion, in keep­ing with the value struc­ture that you’ve fig­ured out. Many people con­fuse sat­u­ra­tion with value. Sat­u­ra­tion is the pu­rity and in­ten­sity of a colour with­out di­lu­tion with white. If ev­ery colour is sat­u­rated then the eye doesn’t know where to go. Add a de­sat­u­rated area in the mid­dle of a sat­u­rated piece and the eye will go to the de­sat­u­rated area first. In­vert the for­mula and it works the same way.

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