Cre­ate light and shadow

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To cre­ate a light (or shadow) ef­fect across a broad area, I use a Layer and Lev­els tech­nique. I du­pli­cate the sub­ject layer, lighten it us­ing Lev­els, then add a Hide­all mask. Then I paint on the mask to re­veal the light­ened layer, which gives me con­trol over the ef­fect of the light. By Lev­els-ad­just­ing a du­pli­cated layer I con­trol what hap­pens to the de­tails and tex­ture, un­like when sim­ply paint­ing to lighten or darken some­thing. Then I can fo­cus on the light ef­fect and not worry about los­ing de­tails.

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