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Lo­ca­tion: US Web: www.lar­ry­ Email: lar­ry­wilsonart@hot­ ME­DIA : Pho­to­shop Larry has only been se­ri­ous about art for a few years. As a child, he al­ways loved to draw, but pre­ferred to spend his time out­side ad­ven­tur­ing rather than in­side draw­ing.

“Grow­ing up in South Africa pro­vided too many real out­door ad­ven­tures, and so for the long­est time I fought the call to draw. I wanted to be the char­ac­ters on the page, not sit in­side all day draw­ing them.”

Now Larry’s “set­tled down some” he feels he’s been re­united with his true call­ing, and is com­mit­ted to learn­ing and hon­ing his craft ev­ery day.

1 Mermaid “This was card art for Shad­ow­fist TCG. I wanted to do some­thing a lit­tle dif­fer­ent than the usual tail and ended up with those flip­per feet. Her hol­low sword en­ables it to be used ef­fec­tively un­der­wa­ter.”

2 Cap­tain of the Guard “This chap is the keeper of the gate be­tween his world and ours. I wanted to try some­thing dif­fer­ent for his ar­mour and be­cause his is the realm of ice and snow, I dressed him in the scales of a gi­ant frost worm. It was also painted for the Shad­ow­fist TCG.”

3 Ser­pen­tine Sis­ters “I based this im­age on the an­cient Chi­nese leg­end that’s been pop­u­larised by nu­mer­ous books and films. It was picked up and used by In­ner King­dom Games.”




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