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Lo­ca­tion: Eng­land Web: www.en­tenn.com Email: en­tenn.stu­dio@gmail.com ME DIA: Pho­to­shop, Pain­ter X, ArtRage Máté took to art rel­a­tively late in life. The Hun­gar­i­an­born, Lon­don-based artist worked in var­i­ous fields within the en­ter­tain­ment in­dus­try, prac­tis­ing his paint­ing tech­niques in his spare time un­til he was ready to take the plunge as a free­lance il­lus­tra­tor and de­signer.

He’s since cre­ated fash­ion prints for es­teemed fash­ion de­sign­ers Alexan­der McQueen and Paul Smith, tat­too de­signs and con­cept art for both movies and video games.

“I love hor­ror, and my work is very much in­formed by that kind of dread and in­se­cu­rity. Hor­ror and beauty de­fine my work. My goal is to de­velop some of my own ideas and pub­lish a book of my sto­ries and il­lus­trate them, dark fairy tales for grown-ups who are still chil­dren in­side – and proud of it. Maybe one day…”

1 Bat­man snaps “I’ve long won­dered what would hap­pen if su­per­heroes lost their self-con­trol. Bat­man fans know that the Dark Knight never stoops to mur­der. But what if, just once, he’s over­come by rage at all the people who have been killed by the Joker. And then he wraps his fin­gers around the Joker’s neck just a bit too tightly – and it’s done. He’s crossed that line. Is the vig­i­lante now a crim­i­nal? The in­spi­ra­tion for the im­age was the work of my favourite Bat­man il­lus­tra­tor, Norm Brey­fogle.”

2 Dy­ing in­no­cence “I read an ar­ti­cle re­cently about how hard it is to be spe­cial, or a dreamer, or even to be a child in mod­ern so­ci­ety. To­day they have drugs to cure day­dream­ing. In­sane, isn’t it? In­no­cence has only one op­tion: to jump.”



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