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This may be an unan­swer­able ques­tion, but I see a lot of ques­tions, hints and tu­to­ri­als for aiding and in­spir­ing the cre­ative process, but I al­most al­ways re­quire the op­po­site. I’m so full of ideas and im­agery I find it al­most im­pos­si­ble to set­tle on one piece of work.

When­ever I start some­thing I al­ways think of some­thing else to add, or an­other idea that I’d rather be work­ing on. Or I get to a cer­tain point and my head fills up with other im­ages un­til the thing I’m work­ing on is a jum­bled mess. It’s ex­tremely dis­cour­ag­ing and prob­a­bly as dis­heart­en­ing as be­ing un­able to think of any­thing at all.

I sup­pose what I’m ask­ing here is, how can I chan­nel the cre­ative process, or fo­cus this cre­ativ­ity? I don’t know how com­mon this prob­lem is in the cre­ative in­dus­try, but I hope you can help?

Also I re­ally love is­sue 111, on Dark Fan­tasy. It’s re­ally fan­tas­tic and I ab­so­lutely love the cover art by Jeff Simp­son. I’d been hop­ing you’d do an­other dark-themed is­sue for ages. Emma Sedg­wick, via email

Claire replies Emma, that’s a great idea! You’re right, we do of­ten fo­cus on gen­er­at­ing ideas, but it looks like you don’t have that prob­lem (I have to say that I think lots of our read­ers will be very jeal­ous of your predica­ment!). I’ll see if I can find a suit­able artist to pro­vide a work­shop on this is­sue very soon. Thank you for writ­ing in.

Emma had been hop­ing we’d do a Dark Fan­tasy is­sue (such as num­ber 111) for ages.

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