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Fairy Bomb Squad, US

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Sara replies

I start by draw­ing the shape of my glass that will be in­cluded in an arched win­dow. Then once I’ve de­cided on the sub­ject, I use a large, hard-edged brush to sim­u­late the strips of lead that hold the glass to­gether.

Once I have a fin­ished draw­ing of the win­dow, I move on to choos­ing what colours to use. Then I add a tex­ture to sim­u­late the ir­reg­u­lar­ity of the painted glass. I flat­ten the lay­ers, se­lect my stained glass and insert it into the con­text of my art­work: in this case a fan­tasy tem­ple. I ad­just the per­spec­tive and set the glass to a Screen layer. This re­sults in all el­e­ments that are black tak­ing the colour of the back­ground, while ev­ery­thing that’s a light colour ap­pears brighter – just what I need!

When trans­form­ing the im­age of the glass I take into ac­count the per­spec­tive us­ing Edit> Trans­form>Dis­tort.

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