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ImagineFX - - Issue 113 October 2014 -

Nathan Fowkes

Use Pho­to­shop to de­velop an in­tel­li­gent light­ing de­sign for your en­vi­ron­ments. Plus WIP s and fi­nal image

Aaron Li­mon­ick

Watch a clip from Con­cept De­sign Work­flow Vol 1: Com­po­si­tion Sketch­ing, on the im­por­tance of thumb­nails.

Mark Mol­nar

Give your fan­tasy char­ac­ters a de­cent beard by treat­ing it as a sin­gle shape rather than try­ing to paint in­di­vid­ual hairs.

Michael C Hayes

Dis­cover the tra­di­tional oil paint­ing tech­niques that Michael uses to de­pict the in­tri­cate plate ar­mour worn by a de­ter­mined knight in the heat of bat­tle. Plus WIPS and fi­nal image

Sara For­lenza

Learn how to place a strong white light source in your com­po­si­tion, and en­sure that it ac­cu­rately af­fects all ob­jects.

Mark Mol­nar

El­e­vate your char­ac­ter’s so­cial class and give them a sense of no­bil­ity, us­ing fine cloth­ing and pos­ture tech­niques.

Tony Foti

Con­cept and paint a fu­tur­is­tic gown for your sci-fi fe­male char­ac­ters, that’s ap­pro­pri­ate for the world they in­habit.

Don Seeg­miller

Dis­cover how to de­pict the wing of a fly­ing crea­ture, such as a bat, that has bright moon­light shin­ing be­hind it.

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