Jorge Ramos

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Jorge, aka Jorem, stud­ied il­lus­tra­tion and graphic de­sign, be­fore launch­ing into his free­lance ca­reer. He be­lieves the best art is built on solid line work.

“I find it re­ally help­ful,” he says, “to de­velop good, clear line work. It’s some­thing to paint on, with­out en­coun­ter­ing prob­lems such as miss­ing parts or con­fu­sion about the over­all di­rec­tion of the piece, which would make me undo and redo many times.”

Jorge re­cently be­gan ex­per­i­ment­ing with “a more three-di­men­sional point of view” in his art, which he hopes to hone in fu­ture pieces.


Ice and Scales “I wanted to con­vey the im­mense size of the dragon to the viewer. I achieved this by de­pict­ing tiny fig­ures in the snow, and also mak­ing the dragon’s body too big to fit in the frame of the image.”


Drow Sac­ri­fice “I love the For­got­ten Realms books and I felt com­pelled to paint this image be­cause I think a race of evil elves is unique in fan­tasy sto­ries. I was also chal­leng­ing my­self. I placed an eerie light at the bot­tom of the piece that gives the scene a feel­ing of witch­craft – ap­pro­pri­ate for a sac­ri­fice.”

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