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Sec­ond com­ing A comic makeover for Tim Minchin’s stormy athe­ist beat poem fol­lows its an­i­mated video

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Comedian Tim Minchin’s din­ner-party ar­gu­ment with an al­ter­na­tive medicine fan be­came part of his show. Find out why it’s now a graphic novel…

Comedian Tim Minchin’s poem Storm started life in his stand-up show. It was a 10-minute tirade against ‘ev­i­dence-free think­ing’ of all stripes, based loosely on a real life run-in with a vo­cal fan of home­opa­thy.

It’s a play­ful ac­count of an evening meal that sees the wine-fu­elled Minchin char­ac­ter sing­ing the ben­e­fits of hu­man­ism to the astrology-lov­ing Storm, although even Tim ini­tially had his doubts about it. “I al­ways won­dered if it was funny,” he says, “it’s barely com­edy! It’s sort of its own genre.”

It struck a chord with artist Dan ‘DC’ Turner and pro­ducer Tracy King. Hav­ing caught his 2009 show Ready For This? they cor­nered Tim at a party and sug­gested an­i­mat­ing the song. “Storm is the best sum­mary of the way I feel about the world, about science and ra­tio­nal­ism,” says DC, “and it needed to be seen as well as heard.” Hav­ing cre­ated an an­i­mated film based on the poem for free, DC has just re­vis­ited the ode to hu­man­ism with a graphic novel, out this Oc­to­ber.

“Dan talked about his an­i­ma­tion style in terms of it hav­ing a jazz, smokey feel,” says Tim about the film, which can still be seen on YouTube, “but what I didn’t re­alise is that the book would be such a huge leap in de­tail and tex­ture.”

While Tim admits that Storm may be preach­ing to the choir, he says that, “What we think we can do, as science com­mu­ni­ca­tors, or any­one that cares about this stuff, is get the swing vot­ers.”

Storm is on sale this Oc­to­ber. Find out more here:

Tim ques­tions Storm’s

stance of re­main­ing ig­no­rant to facts that are just a Google query away.

Tim ap­pears as him­self in the novel, re­act­ing to Storm’s ‘hippy’ di­a­tribe against science and medicine in the 21st cen­tury.

Tim’s epic poem has been adapted to the graphic novel for­mat, with his words ei­ther ap­pear­ing within panels or, as in this case, over one large il­lus­tra­tion.

A din­ner party with a few of Tim’s friends pro­vided the per­fect plat­form for Storm and her views.

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