Can you give me ad­vice on scan­ning a pen­cil sketch into Pho­to­shop?

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Flossy, Bul­garia

Don replies

Colouris­ing a scanned pen­cil sketch to get rid of the black lines can save an artist lots of work and ag­gra­va­tion. Dark, black lines are hard to paint over while main­tain­ing the sketch. There’s an easy way to colour and soften those black lines.

I open a sketch in Pho­to­shop and use the Image> Ad­just­ments> Lev­els menu com­mands to max­imise the white and min­imise the black. I move the white ad­just­ment marker to the left so the light­est grey ar­eas be­come white. I then move the mid-value ad­just­ment marker to the left so the black lines be­come light grey.

To add colour to the lines of the sketch I cre­ate a new layer and set the blend­ing mode to Color. I fill this layer with an olive green, which will be the even­tual colour of the lizard. I use a brush to paint pink over the small flower.

I Merge Down the colour layer and save the image. The sketch has lighter val­ues and the colours are closer to those that will be used in the paint­ing.

I use the Lev­els tool to get rid of the black lines in the sketch. The sketch should be mid-tone greys and whites.

Here you can see the coloured sketch af­ter merg­ing down the colour layer, in­di­cat­ing the colours of the lizard and flower.

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