De­pict re­al­is­tic moon­light

ImagineFX - - Imaginenation Artist Q&A -

Cre­ate a new layer for the moon and with the El­lip­ti­cal Mar­quee tool, hold the Shift key so that your se­lec­tion is a per­fect cir­cle. Us­ing the Paint Bucket Tool, fill the cir­cle with a dark yel­low/orange colour. Change the Blend­ing Mode of this moon layer to Screen. Name the layer Moon. Du­pli­cate the layer two or three times for the glow. Scale each glow layer so it's larger than the moon layer. Make the glow lay­ers pro­gres­sively larger than the one un­der­neath. Add Gaus­sian Blur to slightly soften the moon layer. Use larger amounts of Gaus­sian blur on the glow lay­ers. The top layer should have the most blur. Vary the Opac­ity of the glow lay­ers so they fade into the night sky. Group all the moon and glow lay­ers. Merge the group into one layer. Load a se­lec­tion of the bat layer. Cut away the moon and glow layer over­lap­ping the bat. Paste the cut por­tion of the moon layer into a new layer. Lower the Opac­ity of the new layer so it ap­pears be­hind the bat wing. Erase the bat's arm so the glow shows only through the wing.

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