E338: The Art of Loic Zim­mer­mann

How Loic Zim­mer­mann has es­tab­lished him­self as a go-to vis­ual artist for film mak­ers look­ing for some­thing left of cen­tre...

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Loic Zim­mer­mann was in­spired to get a new tat­too, so he hi­jacked game de­vel­oper Quan­tic Dreams’ body scan­ner so he could use a 3D CG model of his torso to plan his full-sleeve tat­too. “I left the of­fice with a dozen frag­ments of my torso, head and arms on a flash drive.”

It’s a great lit­tle anec­dote; one that high­lights Loic’s punky in­ven­tive­ness and his un­der­stand­ing of both 2D and 3D art. This book show­cases both in a like­ably hotch­potch man­ner, open­ing with a dis­cus­sion be­tween Loic and fel­low artist Michael Kutsche, which moves be­tween in­flu­ences, the in­tri­ca­cies of char­ac­ter de­sign and vis­ual ef­fects for movies.

Movies have al­ways played a big part in Loic’s art. He uses cin­e­matic, widescreen can­vas ra­tios and pure blacks to evoke the big screen, and fre­quently de­picts pop-cul­ture icons such Bob Dy­lan and Wolver­ine. His work is in equal parts sur­real, night­mar­ish and erotic.

A col­lec­tion of Loic’s pho­to­graphs demon­strates his eye for com­po­si­tion, sym­me­try and char­ac­ter, and the book fin­ishes with Bin­au­ral, a se­ries of paint­ings of women wear­ing var­i­ous types of hel­mets. And, of course, you get to see his fin­ished tat­too.

Loic’s able to turn his hand to a range of 2D and 3D art styles.

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