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Clever colours

Paint a fig­ure from life with a lim­ited pal­ette. Use a colour strat­egy to make tem­po­rary shifts as you move val­ues from

dark to light.

3 Half-tones and lights

I ap­ply a pink­ish brown half-tone to soften the tran­si­tion, be­fore us­ing a lighter yel­low for the light. The yel­low pops nicely against the cooler pink. For vari­a­tion, I’ll add yel­lows in the light ar­eas and cool reds in the lower ar­eas.

4 High­lights and back­ground

I in­tro­duce high­lights us­ing a cool pink that blends with the skin, fol­lowed by a cool light grey for the bright high­lights. For the back­ground I mix a mid-tone blue and a touch of yel­low. This slightly green-blue works well against the more red­dish blue in the shadow.

5 Re­fine and fin­ish

I re­fine my edges, cor­rect the draw­ing and add tem­per­a­ture shifts to the back­ground, along with ac­cents of rich colour. Then I fin­ish by wash­ing sub­tle darks in the bot­tom ar­eas and glaz­ing light yel­low in the light ar­eas. This height­ens the sense of light and adds tech­nique and edge vari­a­tion.

artist in­sight

cre­ate a Cen­tral colour pool

When ren­der­ing, I mix a large pool on my pal­ette for light, shadow and mid-tone colours, and ar­range them from dark to light. Stay­ing or­gan­ised helps me mix more ac­cu­rate colours and val­ues.

Pure reds Back­ground colour

Pure blue High­light


Sub­tle shadow tone

Back­ground colour Mix blue in bright­est high­light Light colours

Mix more reds in lower ar­eas Mix more yel­lows in up­per ar­eas

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