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First of all, I’m a huge fan of your mag­a­zine. The col­lec­tion of art­work and knowl­edge ev­ery month is stun­ning.

I’m cur­rently an art stu­dent study­ing at univer­sity, and I was won­der­ing how artists are cho­sen to write your work­shops. What’s the cri­te­ria? In ad­di­tion, how is the cover artist cho­sen? I don’t think I’m quite there yet, but it’s one of my long-term goals!

Anna, via email

Claire replies That’s a tough one, Anna! Usu­ally, I pick a theme for the is­sue and try to find the best artists who are work­ing in that field of ex­per­tise to pro­vide a cover or work­shop for us. Or, I might just stum­ble across a bril­liant gallery of work while brows­ing the on­line gal­leries and con­tact the artist to dis­cuss work­ing to­gether. I don’t care if an artist is pro­fes­sional or am­a­teur, I just look at the art and get a feel of what they can pro­vide to our read­ers. If any­body wants to sub­mit their work to me they would need to send a small out­line of what they could pro­vide – for ex­am­ple, com­po­si­tion ex­per­tise or soft­ware know-how, and a link or at­tach­ments to a few of their images.

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