Can you help me paint some­thing ric­o­chet­ing off a solid sur­face?

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Dhanu Cho­pra, US


Sara replies

I de­cide to draw a crazy an­ar­chist throw­ing a grenade. I put the char­ac­ter on the left so that I have enough space to de­pict the bomb flying through the air. Let’s as­sume that it bounces off some of the de­bris on the floor and flies to­wards the viewer. This gives me the op­por­tu­nity to il­lus­trate a semi-re­al­is­tic scene, and use the comic draw­ing tech­nique of mo­tion lines. These en­able me to sug­gest the move­ment of an ob­ject by draw­ing its trail, and present the char­ac­ter’s ac­tions in space and time. This in­forms how I pro­ceed with the im­age.

I try to cap­ture the mo­tion of the grenade as it leaves the hand of the char­ac­ter and sails through the air. To make this work I add a neu­tral colour to the grenade’s wake. After paint­ing the grenade’s de­tails I add a blur ef­fect to match the mo­tions lines that trail in the grenade’s wake.

Look­ing at the line art makes it easy to see how I can use mo­tion lines to de­scribe the grenade’s move­ment.

When adding the mo­tion blur ef­fect to the grenade, be care­ful not to overdo it oth­er­wise it may

be­come un­recog­nis­able. Re­mem­ber the im­age


I have to in­volves space and time means Rep­re­sent­ing an ac­tion that move­ment,

easy to pre­dict the grenade’s build the im­age so that it’s

in the wake of it. with­out adding too much de­tail

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