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That sin­gle grey rec­tan­gle with the white out­line in the lower third of the Tools win­dow is the Rec­tan­gu­lar Shape Tool, and rightclick­ing it will re­veal the ad­di­tional El­lipse, Rounded Rec­tan­gle, Polyg­o­nal, Line and Cus­tom shape tools. Drag­ging the cur­sor with one of th­ese se­lected will cre­ate the spec­i­fied shape, and hold­ing down Shift as you drag will keep all the edges equal in length. With a shape cre­ated, you can se­lect a Fill colour (this fills in the whole shape) or Stroke (this cre­ates a line over the bor­der) us­ing the Prop­er­ties bar at the top of the screen.

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