tweak your marks

Some tools make marks, but th­ese Pho­to­shop op­tions trans­form the marks you’ve made, of­ten with sur­pris­ing re­sults

ImagineFX - - Photoshop Quick Fixes -

1 Blur tool

This tool is lo­cated about half­way down the Tool win­dow. Right-click­ing it will re­veal the Smudge (a hand with in­dex fin­ger out) and Sharpen (an isosce­les tri­an­gle) tools. With one of th­ese se­lected, you have the abil­ity to evenly soften edges, smudge pix­els around and in­crease edge con­trast, re­spec­tively.

2 Fil­ters

In ad­di­tion to those three tools, you’ll find an ar­ray of op­tions in the Fil­ter drop-down menu at the top. There are far too many for me to cover com­pletely, so I’ll just in­tro­duce you to some of my favourites…

3 Fil­ter gallery

Open­ing the Fil­ter Gallery will bring up six cat­e­gories of Fil­ter, all of which trans­form the de­sired im­age or layer in some way. The pre­view win­dow will show how each set­ting af­fects the im­age, so just click around and see what tick­les your pickle.

4 Blur types

Gaus­sian and Mo­tion Blur can both be found un­der the Blur sub­menu. Gaus­sian is a smooth, noise-re­duc­ing blur op­tion that soft­ens ei­ther the en­tire can­vas or a se­lected area. The Mo­tion op­tion will smear the layer or se­lec­tion at one spe­cific an­gle. To ad­just the an­gle, ei­ther ro­tate the line that’s bi­sect­ing the cir­cle in the win­dow or sim­ply type num­bers into the An­gle box. Ad­just­ing the Dis­tance slider at the bot­tom will change the in­ten­sity of the blur.

5 Max­i­mum and Min­i­mum

Two other tools I use on a reg­u­lar ba­sis are Max­i­mum and Min­i­mum, and they can be found in the Other sub­menu at the bot­tom of the list. Sim­ply put, Max­i­mum will re­duce the size of your shapes and lines, while Min­i­mum will in­crease it. Say you’ve just drawn some clouds in the back­ground of a sketch, but feel the line is so heavy that they’re get­ting too much at­ten­tion. By go­ing to Fil­ter> Other> Max­i­mum, you can make all of the lines on that layer thin­ner.

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