Bam­boo Sty­lus Duo 2

Is it a sty­lus for draw­ing and paint­ing on your tablet? Is it a pen for sketch­ing in your notepad? Ac­tu­ally, it’s both…

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The Bam­boo Sty­lus Duo is a neat idea. A touch­screen sty­lus at one end with a ball­point at the other, the Sty­lus Duo is in­tended to cater for all of your por­ta­ble sketch­ing and note­tak­ing needs. The idea is you get the best of both worlds: you can sketch dig­i­tally on your iPad or other tablet, then flip the pen over (pop­ping the lid on the sty­lus end if you so wish) and start doo­dling in your sketch­book or notepad. It’s not ex­actly rocket sci­ence, but it is a de­cent idea that will ap­peal to those artists em­brac­ing both dig­i­tal and tra­di­tional meth­ods.

The sty­lus has a pleas­ingly ac­cu­rate tip and it’s un­de­ni­ably com­fort­able to use. It also looks stylish with a min­i­mal de­sign and Bam­boo logo on the lid. The ball­point pen it­self is said to be high-qual­ity – and we can’t ar­gue with that. Both sty­lus and ball­point tip can be eas­ily re­placed. The sty­lus is avail­able in six colours to suit your taste, but we kept things sim­ple and tested the black one. The blue and white op­tions look par­tic­u­larly snazzy and the an­odised alu­minium and soft­touch body are rather nice.

Of course, Wa­com touts its Bam­boo Pa­per and Bam­boo Loop apps as per­fect com­pan­ions for the sty­lus, but the truth is you can use any art or sketch­ing app.

There’s not a lot more to say about the Bam­boo Sty­lus Duo 2 ex­cept it’s a stylish, slim­line de­vice that kills two birds with one stone. Sure, it doesn’t have the Blue­tooth con­nec­tiv­ity of the likes of Pen­cil by FiftyThree, but it is in­ex­pen­sive, com­fort­able to use, and serves a dual pur­pose.

The Bam­boo Sty­lus Duo has two ends: one a sty­lus, the other a stan­dard

ball­point pen.

Stylish and handy, the Bam­boo Sty­lus Duo 2 is a good ad­di­tion to your por­ta­ble art arse­nal.

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