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Sec­ond com­ing How the team be­hind Dis­ney In­fin­ity 2.0 recre­ated some of Mar­vel’s most fa­mous faces for the ac­tion ad­ven­ture ti­tle

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The chal­lenge Jeff Bunker and his team faced was stay­ing true to Mar­vel’s vi­sion of its su­per­heroes, while en­sur­ing each had the look and feel of a Dis­ney character.

Jeff is stu­dio art di­rec­tor at Avalanche Soft­ware, the out­fit be­hind Dis­ney In­fin­ity 2.0: Mar­vel Su­per He­roes. The game fea­tures fa­mil­iar faces reimag­ined as col­lectable fig­ures that come to life.

“There’s a range of stylis­tic op­tions with th­ese kinds of ab­stracted fig­ures,” Jeff says. “Mar­vel and Dis­ney In­fin­ity brands are all about the character, so we needed to find a point that en­ables each character to be who he or she was, but still look be­liev­able.”

A key fea­ture of the game is its Toy Box mode, which gives users the chance to cus­tomise the open-world en­vi­ron­ment and the rules within it. Yet en­sur­ing char­ac­ters in­ter­act cor­rectly with th­ese cus­tomis­able worlds also proved prob­lem­atic: “We have a cen­tral me­chan­ics team that works on all char­ac­ters,” Jeff says. “The Toy Box team must work with them to un­der­stand how to build the en­vi­ron­ment to ac­com­mo­date all of the abil­i­ties pro­vided by the me­chan­ics team. The only way this gets done is be­cause of the amaz­ing peo­ple work­ing on it.”

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The god of thun­der, as re­alised by Jeff and his team at Avalanche.

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