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I’ve been a fan of Imag­ineFX for some years now. I pur­chase the mag­a­zine ev­ery month and find the re­sources very use­ful.

Like a lot of cre­ative peo­ple, I have an over­ac­tive imag­i­na­tion and I’m glued to my draw­ing ta­ble all day, ev­ery day. Ever since I was old enough to hold a pen­cil and re­alise what it could do, I was hooked. It was my es­cape into an al­ter­nate world. But de­spite my pas­sion, it’s still hard to get any­where. I’ve worked com­mer­cially, I got a first in my de­gree and I still make peo­ple’s jaws drop with what I can do. I’m a tra­di­tional artist in ev­ery sense.

I’ve writ­ten to many peo­ple and places and gen­er­ally don’t get a re­ply. Could you of­fer some help in how I would go free­lance? I al­ways wanted to be in game de­sign, or il­lus­trat­ing for film or comics.

I know you must get a thou­sand let­ters like this ev­ery week, but I feel as though I’m sit­ting on wasted tal­ent. I’ve tried ev­ery­thing and I’m stuck. I would be grate­ful for any ad­vice you could of­fer, and if you ever need some art for the mag­a­zine, just let me know! You can see my work here: Stephen, via email Claire replies Stephen, thanks so much for writ­ing in. I’m sure your predica­ment mir­rors that of many of our read­ers. You’ve had some train­ing, your early work seems to af­fect peo­ple, but how do you get that big break in the in­dus­try? Luck­ily, you write in at just the right time, be­cause on page 20 we’ve spo­ken to pro artists in the games in­dus­try about how they got their breaks – and the tips they want to pass on to as­pir­ing pro­fes­sional artists. There’s some re­ally good ad­vice there that I hope will help you make the next step. But we cer­tainly wel­come more feed­back from other artists – and as­pir­ing artists – as to how they got their big break and any other ad­vice they can share.

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