Draw and paint a ten­ta­cle

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First I loosely sketch in the ba­sic shapes, play­ing with the pose un­til I achieve some­thing on the can­vas that I like. Then I sketch in a line to sep­a­rate the two sur­faces. I add con­tour lines to help me later on with the tex­ture, and rough in oval shapes for the suck­ers. I add a wa­tery back­ground gra­di­ent, and ap­ply dif­fuse colours and light­ing with a ba­sic Round broad brush. The ten­ta­cle will be a red/ma­genta, but the light source from above will cast blue high­lights. I’ll pick colour from this with the Eye­drop­per tool as I paint. I start work­ing smaller, mov­ing around the piece and adding more bits of de­tail. I sketch a note to re­mind me of my light source. I add a few spec­u­lar high­lights at a time and use those con­tour lines to help me paint in the up­per sur­face arm tex­ture.

De­cem­ber 2014

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