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The other strong ideas from this round of con­cept­ing in­clude an evil mer­ce­nary with an over­sized cross­bow, and a con­fi­dent elite gun­ner with a huge coat. I also start some face stud­ies to gain a sense of who this character is. I post the art on our in­ter­nal Wiki and see what the rest of the team thinks. Ev­ery­one re­ally likes the cloaked guy from step two.

Ac­tion poses

Gi­gan­tic’s he­roes are all about what they do and I want this sniper guy to move in dra­matic ways. Th­ese sketches help com­mu­ni­cate to the team what could be pos­si­ble. I con­sider keep­ing the character cloaked un­til he pulls out his weapon, or im­ply how sneaky and low to the ground he is by let­ting his cape drape around him. His cloak is a neu­tral colour for cam­ou­flage.

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