Light and shadow

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Learn­ing how to paint sun­light and shade is a key paint­ing skill. Lit ar­eas can form in­ter­est­ing shapes that can en­hance the graph­i­cal qual­ity of your art­work. Here, I’ve de­con­structed one of my fin­ished paint­ings by mak­ing it black and white, be­fore trac­ing all of the shaded parts in red. No­tice how each dark shape is placed against a well-lit back­ground. This en­ables the viewer to quickly in­ter­pret the char­ac­ters’ ac­tion. Th­ese dark ar­eas also cre­ate a pleas­ing visual rhythm to the im­age, which can be ap­pre­ci­ated on the sub­con­scious level.

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