Ap­ply fin­ish­ing touches in 3D

Give your 3D mod­els that all-im­por­tant per­sonal look by ap­ply­ing some last-minute pol­ish, says

ImagineFX - - Issue 116 Christmas 2014 -

Per­son­alise your 3D art, with Mark Roosien’s help.

y pre­vi­ous core skills ar­ti­cles have ex­plained the tech­niques you need to cre­ate a 3D model or scene in SketchUp (check out the free ver­sion of the pro­gram at www.sketchup.com). When a model is fin­ished (is it ever?), SketchUp of­fers sev­eral fea­tures that en­able you to present your work in your own cus­tomised visual style.

mGet rid of that de­fault back­ground!

Click Win­dow in the menu bar and then Styles. In the pop-up di­a­log you’re pre­sented with sev­eral op­tions. To change the back­ground, se­lect Edit and then click the Back­ground Set­tings tool. Re­move the back­ground colours by de­s­e­lect­ing Sky and Ground or just change them by click­ing the coloured squares. In this ex­am­ple, I se­lect a white ground and sky.

SketchUp pro­vides you with a de­fault back­ground, fea­tur­ing a blue sky and a green sur­face. Such a bland back­ground en­ables you to fo­cus on the task in hand: that of cre­at­ing in­ter­est­ing 3D mod­els. How­ever, by us­ing the Styles di­a­log you gain ac­cess to sev­eral style op­tions, which can be ap­plied as you see fit. To demon­strate this, I’ll restyle one of my own mod­els in three easy steps.

Ex­per­i­ment with ‘in­stant’ styles

Style set­tings can be edited in­di­vid­u­ally as shown, but you can also se­lect in­stant styles from a drop-down list. In the di­a­log, click Se­lect to re­veal op­tions from the drop­down list. For in­stance, to give your model a sketchy look, se­lect Sketchy Edges and then Conte. Ex­per­i­ment to pro­duce the re­sult that best suits your art.

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