Turn an idea into sci-fi art

Re­calls a melan­cholic maxim and vi­su­alises it as a retro sci-fi scene

ImagineFX - - Issue 116 Christmas 2014 -

Zezhou Chen vi­su­alises a melan­cholic maxim.

he idea for this im­age and its ti­tle – S/MK 7.61 – came to me a long time ago. The ti­tle is the re­verse of 16.7km/s, which is the third cos­mic ve­loc­ity: the min­i­mum speed needed to es­cape the grav­ity of the sun and leave our so­lar sys­tem. It’s a metaphor, you could say.

For my­self there’s another hid­den mean­ing: leave my world, for­get about me, go find a bet­ter place and a bet­ter fu­ture. And that’s the orig­i­nal idea of the im­age. It ac­tu­ally had a very tragic feel­ing, and I didn’t re­ally want to touch it. So the

TChrist­mas 2014 con­cept was put aside un­til re­cently. I was about to paint some­thing with a retro theme, as part of a project that I worked on with The SENSE, an artist group. That’s when I re­called my old idea.

I de­cided to com­bine the orig­i­nal con­cept and the retro theme by sim­ply re­plac­ing the de­sign with the retro sci­ence fic­tion el­e­ments. This, in turn, re­sulted in the fi­nal im­age you see here. It fea­tures bright colours, which is a huge de­par­ture from my early ideas. And it’s no longer a tragic scene. When I look at it, I feel a sense of hope.

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