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I’ve been sub­scribed to the iPad ver­sion of your mag­a­zine for go­ing on two years now, so I have at least 26 is­sues, plus the ex­tras I’ve bought. I find my­self dip­ping in and out of all the mag­a­zines quite fre­quently, but it can be dif­fi­cult to lo­cate that one ar­ti­cle I know ex­ists some­where. Is there any pos­si­bil­ity of adding the abil­ity to book­mark pages? It would be so use­ful.

Love the mag by the way. I’m only a hob­by­ist, but get such plea­sure from fol­low­ing your tu­to­ri­als and ad­vice, as well as be­ing in­spired by the real artists you cover. You truly can say your ef­forts in­spire – be­cause they do.

And if I can make one plea: never get rid of Artist in Res­i­dence. I love the per­sonal glimpse at how other peo­ple work. Gary Bap­tist, via email Claire replies Gary, you’re a man after my own heart! I also love see­ing how artists work and or­gan­ise their space to fit around their cre­ative times. Un­for­tu­nately, while your book­mark re­quest for dig­i­tal edi­tions is a good one, it isn’t one that we can im­ple­ment. Sorry!

Golden or not?

I read with in­ter­est the James Gur­ney ar­ti­cle on the myth of the golden ra­tio [is­sue 114, Novem­ber 2014]. What was most puzzling about his ad­vice on not us­ing the golden ra­tio as a guide to com­po­si­tion, was that there are plenty of other times in your mag­a­zine that other artists have rec­om­mended that we do use golden ra­tion as a guide. So, which ad­vice is right? Michael Pyall, via email Claire replies Thanks for get­ting in touch Michael – at least we know that you’re read­ing and tak­ing all of our tips and ad­vice in! I‘m not one to tell you which ad­vice to take. That’s for you to de­cide. What I do know from com­mis­sion­ing count­less artists to cre­ate work­shops for Imag­ineFX is that each per­son has their own process, their own dos and don’ts, and their own rules to follow and ig­nore. It takes time for each artist to work out what works best for them. I’m sure that – with your at­ten­tion to de­tail! – you’ll find what works best for you in good time, too.

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