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3D artist Rashad cre­ated char­ac­ter mod­els for Smite

Do ideas or con­cepts for one ti­tle ever end up be­ing adapted and used for a dif­fer­ent one?

Ab­so­lutely. There are larger cases, like how Smite was orig­i­nally go­ing to be a Global Agenda-themed MOBA (mul­ti­player on­line bat­tle arena). And then there are smaller cases too, where we take char­ac­ters, themes or ideas and cross-pro­mote them be­tween our games. One ex­am­ple is the Tribes skins for our Smite char­ac­ters.

How much feed­back do you get from fans and play­ers about your de­signs, and does that in­flu­ence fu­ture de­sign de­ci­sions?

As far as art goes, we take a lot of fan feed­back and sug­ges­tions into con­sid­er­a­tion when we de­cide on what projects we’re go­ing to be do­ing. The idea for Swagni [a char­ac­ter de­sign] came from the floaty/non­cha­lant run an­i­ma­tion we used on Agni, when Smite was still in Beta, which a long-time fan of our game de­signed for us.

How does need­ing to de­sign for a large va­ri­ety of hard­ware, while still be­ing playable on­line, af­fect your work?

In de­sign terms, it of­ten re­stricts how crazy our vis­ual ideas can be. We have to keep our tex­tures around 1,024x1,024 pix­els, and our bone count for each char­ac­ter un­der 75. With those lim­i­ta­tions, we’re of­ten forced to stick to large de­tails that will read eas­ily from a dis­tance, while also mak­ing sure they don’t ap­pear blurry up close.

Do you have any tips for younger or less-ex­pe­ri­enced artists look­ing to get into the world of con­cept art or 3D de­sign?

In my ex­pe­ri­ence, there’s no sub­sti­tute for putting the time in – in­vest­ing in your skills. If you’re in col­lege now, and you’re just do­ing your class­work, that’s not go­ing to be enough to get into the in­dus­try. Much of your com­pe­ti­tion is go­ing to be peo­ple in the games in­dus­try who work up­wards of 40-50 hours a week, al­ways cre­at­ing, learn­ing and hon­ing their craft. De­vot­ing an ex­tra hour or two ev­ery day, to mak­ing your own things, or study­ing anatomy, won’t seem like much on a day-to-day ba­sis. But over the course of a year, or two years, or five years, the ben­e­fit to you as an artists can be in­cred­i­ble.

What’s the best thing about work­ing at Hi-Rez?

I get the chance to make some­thing cool ev­ery day!

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