Paint di­rect light into the scene

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Next, I cre­ate a new layer on top and name it Di­rect Light. It’s im­por­tant to re­mem­ber colour tem­per­a­ture at this stage. I use a cool neu­tral colour for the shad­ows, but will be go­ing warmer and more pure with the high­lights. I be­gin to paint in the light ar­eas where the mul­ti­ple light sources fall on the character, us­ing warm greens and yel­lows. The creature is start­ing to take shape.

Con­sider re­flected light

Within the shadow ar­eas, light will bounce from lit ar­eas and pro­duce re­flected light. I cre­ate a layer un­der the di­rect light layer and name it Re­flected Light, then se­lect a colour that’s a lit­tle warmer and brighter than the sur­round­ing shadow colour. Sub­tlety is key: I want to only slightly ad­just the val­ues. I imag­ine the light source that’s be­ing re­flected and model the form.

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