Bring in lo­cal colour

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Lo­cal colour is the colour of an ob­ject with­out light or shadow. I cre­ate a layer un­der the draw­ing lay­ers and call it Lo­cal Colour. For this stage I use a large, nat­u­ral-look­ing brush. I start with green as my dom­i­nant colour and roughly lay it in. Next, I add other vary­ing colours to cre­ate in­ter­est. This stage can still be loose and quick. It’s good to ex­per­i­ment! This is the foun­da­tion of the colour work that will follow.

Cre­ate the first shadow layer

I cre­ate a new layer on top of ev­ery­thing, call it Shad­ows and set its Blend mode to Mul­ti­ply. This en­ables the lo­cal colour to show through the shadow layer. With a cool mid-tone colour se­lected, I be­gin to lay in the shad­ows. To do this out of your head ac­cu­rately you should be draw­ing from life as of­ten as pos­si­ble. I also stay loose and quick at this stage… but ac­cu­rate.

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