De­pict fore­ground el­e­ments

ImagineFX - - In Depth Creature Art -

I cre­ate a new layer on top and be­gin to loosely lay in fore­ground leaves and branches. Be­cause this will be blurred there’s no need to get de­tailed. How­ever, I do build it up, us­ing sev­eral lay­ers. Once ev­ery­thing is laid in, I com­bine the lay­ers and go to Fil­ter>Blur> Gaus­sian Blur. Then I set the blur to about 35 pix­els. This will give the piece a nice feel­ing of depth.

Depth of field and fin­ish­ing up

I copy all of the creature lay­ers and com­bine them into one layer. Then I turn off all of the orig­i­nal in­di­vid­ual lay­ers. I se­lect the Blur tool and pick the Air­brush set­ting. I set this to about 300 pix­els and a strength of 50 per cent. Now I go in and be­gin to blur out ar­eas of the creature layer that I want out of fo­cus. I do this to di­vert the viewer’s at­ten­tion to ar­eas of in­ter­est, such as the face. This also gives the im­age a bit of a pho­to­graphic look. Fi­nally, I flat­ten the im­age and ad­just the ex­po­sure and sat­u­ra­tion to get the com­po­si­tion nice and bright.

Christ­mas 2014

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