In­tro­duce photo tex­tures

ImagineFX - - In Depth Creature Art -

Ele­phant tex­tures make great creature skin. I se­lect a sec­tion with the Lasso tool, drag it over to the il­lus­tra­tion and re­duce the Opac­ity to 30 per cent. Then I click Im­age> Ad­just­ments>Ex­po­sure, in­crease the Gamma set­ting and ad­just the Ex­po­sure to in­crease the con­trast. I tweak th­ese ad­just­ments and the Opac­ity un­til the tex­ture looks right.

Fit the tex­ture to the creature

Next, I click Edit>Free Trans­form, re­size the tex­ture to fit and then se­lect Edit> Trans­form>Warp. Now I can start to shape the tex­ture to fit the creature’s form. I then re­peat steps eight and nine to cre­ate a mo­saic of tex­tures on the creature. I ex­per­i­ment with a va­ri­ety of tex­tures – here I’ve used both ele­phant and leaf tex­tures.

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