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Com­po­si­tion, read­abil­ity and sil­hou­ette are cru­cial, es­pe­cially when it’s a character piece. I avoid hav­ing too many el­e­ments that are mashed to­gether or are over de­tailed. With a 3D tool like ZBrush it’s tempt­ing to spend hours noodling away. In­stead, I fo­cus on the big­ger pic­ture, and try to cap­ture an emo­tion, a move­ment or an in­stant fea­tur­ing key el­e­ments.

Tex­tur­ing the fig­ure’s tones

After cre­at­ing de­tails and UV Maps in 3ds Max, I start tex­tur­ing. I se­lect a Spray brush in ZBrush to pro­duce an un­even colour base, in­tro­duc­ing hue and value vari­a­tions. I also cre­ate some gra­di­ent tones to give to my key colours greater fo­cus. For in­stance, I give my dragon girl yel­low skin, with gra­di­ents of light green de­vel­op­ing into de­sat­u­rated blues at the tips of her horns.

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