Cre­at­ing a clas­sic vibe

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I im­port the im­age into Pho­to­shop at a size of 4K – the big­ger the bet­ter, es­pe­cially if you plan on sub­mit­ting your work for print re­pro­duc­tion. Ge­o­met­ri­cal shapes and com­ple­men­tary colours help to fo­cus the eye on the cen­tre of the im­age. I use a light yel­low back­ground and an orange cir­cle, which cre­ates a nice graph­i­cal touch that gives the il­lus­tra­tion a clas­sic vibe.

Re­work­ing key colours

Us­ing my depth mask I se­lect the front of my sub­ject and copy the se­lec­tion on to a new layer. I can now change the colour of the back of the char­ac­ters us­ing the Hue & Sat­u­ra­tion tool in Col­orize mode. This en­ables me to blend some of the lessim­por­tant el­e­ments, while giv­ing more depth and sat­u­ra­tion to the pic­ture.

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