Add weath­er­ing tex­tures

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I use some high-res photo tex­tures of weath­ered pa­per to fur­ther blend the sub­ject and the back­ground to­gether. Those tex­tures can be added in Screen or Mul­ti­ply mode. I also used a colour half-tone ef­fect on a du­pli­cate layer of the im­age to give it a printed look. I re­duce the ef­fect here and there, and ap­ply it in Mul­ti­ply mode with Opac­ity set to 30 per cent.

Fi­nal colour touch-up

Once I’m happy with the end re­sult, I al­ways go back for a fi­nal re­colour pass, just to check if I can achieve a bet­ter-look­ing im­age. I try to bring back a more bal­anced pal­ette, sim­ply by slightly ex­ag­ger­at­ing the colour bal­ance: more blue/greens in the shad­ows, more reds in the mid-tones and yel­lows high­lights. It’s re­ally a ques­tion of per­sonal taste. I hope you found this work­shop help­ful. Get in touch if you want to talk about some tech­ni­cal as­pects or share your own art!

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